Member Super Solutions

Do you want to understand your super and ensure you have the best options to plan for your future?

Super can be confusing. We want to help you make the right decisions and offer you real solutions. Super is likely to be your second biggest asset and we are here to help you maximise your benefits for retirement.

We can help you
  • Ensure you are in the right fund- make sure you know what is being offered in your employer’s fund and compare this to any other funds you may have.
  • Understand your investment options - and help you to make a choice. It is important to understand what you are invested in as investment decisions can make a huge impact on your retirement income.
  • Ensure you have the right levels of insurance - so that your family is protected if something happens to you.
  • Make contributions to the fund – super is tax free in retirement so it makes sense to get advice on the best way to get more money into super.
  • Nominate a Beneficiary – which is really important if you want your dependant(s) to receive your benefits in a timely manner and according to your wishes.
  • Plan for your retirement – we are experts in helping you work out your budget, identify your needs, and meet your goals

We can help make sure you're not missing out on opportunities to grow your superannuation today for the future you want tomorrow. We can help you identify the strategies that suit your circumstances and give your retirement savings a real boost. If you want your superannuation to work as hard as you do, please contact us today.